Wilma The Wonder Hen Podcast

Saving "Spent Hens" with Erica of Second-Hen'd

April 16, 2023 Melissa Season 3 Episode 45
Wilma The Wonder Hen Podcast
Saving "Spent Hens" with Erica of Second-Hen'd
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Show Notes

Today's guest is Erica from Second-Hen'd.

"Founded in early 2018, Second-Hen'd is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all-volunteer organization that works to find loving, forever homes for ex-commercial egg-laying chickens – which we collectively refer to as "spent" hens. Our emphasis is helping those that come from caged systems, but in the future, our goal is to expand and work with ones from other backgrounds as well. Second-Hen’d only approves and works with dedicated adopters who agree not to use/sell the hens for meat or dump them when they stop laying."


"Aside from re-homing "spent" hens, Second-Hen’d attends special events and farmer's markets in the area to highlight the therapeutic benefits associated with keeping chickens as pets (among other topics). PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, and memory-loss are just some issues that have shown great improvement when taking care of these feathered friends. Like our founder (a disabled veteran battling PTSD/anxiety/depression), other veterans have an understanding and feeling of purpose when they can save a life and watch it flourish. They get it. Once their military service is over or compromised, they are no longer seen as valuable to the organization, so they are discarded."


"Spent" hens are most often between 1 to 2-years-old when disposed of because they're no longer considered productive assets in the egg industry. In the U.S. alone, approximately 300 million hens lose their lives each year as a result of this practice. If adopted, Second-Hen’d can give these hens a further, meaningful purpose. When properly cared for, chickens can live up to 10 years – sometimes longer! At first, "spent" hens are terrified of everything. However with time, patience, and love, these girls end up having very sweet and gentle personalities. They understand what you've done for them and reward you with their gratitude."

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