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From Backyard Hens to Heartfelt Connections with Kris of Chicken City Chickens

January 29, 2024 Melissa Season 3 Episode 51
From Backyard Hens to Heartfelt Connections with Kris of Chicken City Chickens
Wilma The Wonder Hen Podcast
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Wilma The Wonder Hen Podcast
From Backyard Hens to Heartfelt Connections with Kris of Chicken City Chickens
Jan 29, 2024 Season 3 Episode 51

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Today's Guest is Kris of Chicken City Chickens.

Meet Kris in her own words.
" I have one adult son. Currently I’m the caretaker for two elderly parents. I work for Rover which gives me a flexible schedule and I get to work with animals, bonus.  Everyone has always called my house the zoo. It all started with the typical dogs and cats, guinea pigs etc. lol. But I’ve been lucky enough to start a flock that has brought something to my life that I didn’t realize I needed so much! It’s been a journey of a lot of learning but wouldn’t trade it for anything. The amount of joy these girls bring me is priceless!"

Have you ever wondered how a coop becomes a castle and a few hens turn into a heritage of breeds? From the spark of pandemic-driven curiosity to the surprising world of urban chicken laws, our episode is a patchwork quilt of experiences that will resonate with anyone who's ever underestimated the pull of 'chicken math.' Discover how a simple desire to raise egg-layers blossomed into a community of clucking companions, each with their own quirks and names, while we navigate the personal triumphs and trials of poultry parenthood.

This cluck of a conversation didn't just stop at the coop door; we soared into the digital skies where small social media accounts roost with mighty tales. It's here that we uncovered the precious nature of every follower interaction and the shared laughter over hypothetical dance challenges inspired by our feathered friends. As we wrapped up, tipping our hats to the timeless laughter brought by "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," it was clear that the true spirit of chicken keeping lies in the bonds we build—be it with our flock or fellow enthusiasts across the globe. Join us for an episode that's more than just chicken feed; it's a celebration of the heart and humor that comes with being part of the poultry community.

Follow Kris here https://www.instagram.com/chickencitychickens/

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Today's Guest is Kris of Chicken City Chickens.

Meet Kris in her own words.
" I have one adult son. Currently I’m the caretaker for two elderly parents. I work for Rover which gives me a flexible schedule and I get to work with animals, bonus.  Everyone has always called my house the zoo. It all started with the typical dogs and cats, guinea pigs etc. lol. But I’ve been lucky enough to start a flock that has brought something to my life that I didn’t realize I needed so much! It’s been a journey of a lot of learning but wouldn’t trade it for anything. The amount of joy these girls bring me is priceless!"

Have you ever wondered how a coop becomes a castle and a few hens turn into a heritage of breeds? From the spark of pandemic-driven curiosity to the surprising world of urban chicken laws, our episode is a patchwork quilt of experiences that will resonate with anyone who's ever underestimated the pull of 'chicken math.' Discover how a simple desire to raise egg-layers blossomed into a community of clucking companions, each with their own quirks and names, while we navigate the personal triumphs and trials of poultry parenthood.

This cluck of a conversation didn't just stop at the coop door; we soared into the digital skies where small social media accounts roost with mighty tales. It's here that we uncovered the precious nature of every follower interaction and the shared laughter over hypothetical dance challenges inspired by our feathered friends. As we wrapped up, tipping our hats to the timeless laughter brought by "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," it was clear that the true spirit of chicken keeping lies in the bonds we build—be it with our flock or fellow enthusiasts across the globe. Join us for an episode that's more than just chicken feed; it's a celebration of the heart and humor that comes with being part of the poultry community.

Follow Kris here https://www.instagram.com/chickencitychickens/

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Mel of Wilma The Wonder Hen and Kris of ChickenCityChickens


[00:00:00] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Hi. Hi Chris. How are you today? I am doing well. We are well. It is currently raining and like in the thirties here. I don't know where it is. What's the temperature where you are? I wasn't expected this much cold today.

[00:00:17] Kris Chickencitychickens: really pretty out the sun's out and right now it's about 70, but it, the temperature's supposed to dive as the day goes on, so I think by tonight it's supposed to be in the thirties. The weather here's

[00:00:27] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: What?

[00:00:28] Kris Chickencitychickens: crazy. It's been 81 day, 20 the next.

[00:00:35] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: That's insane. That's crazy. Yeah.

[00:00:38] Kris Chickencitychickens: don't know what to do. They're like, mom, is it summer? Shouldn't you be breaking the fans out for us?

[00:00:46] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I know, I know. I wonder about that. You know, I think about that other flocks, because it's not just us, like our area, obviously it's all over. You know, one day it's 20 degrees, you know, two days later it's [00:01:00] sunny and yeah. So you, these chickens don't have any idea what's going on. Yeah. Well Chris, we are so excited to have you with us, and we just wanna know if you could just give our listeners just a little background, who is Chris?

[00:01:20] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: All the good,

[00:01:20] Kris Chickencitychickens: Sure. And

[00:01:21] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: things.

[00:01:21] Kris Chickencitychickens: appreciate you having me here. I've been so excited about this, but again, my name's Chris. I'm, a lot of people know me as Chicken City Chickens. I am just,

[00:01:31] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yes.

[00:01:32] Kris Chickencitychickens: I explain me? I'm a huge animal freak. I have four cats, one puppy, a Guinea pig. Roughly 40 chickens. My job right now is just a little part-time thing.

[00:01:44] Kris Chickencitychickens: I work for Rover which leaves me able to take care of my elderly parents. My dad's in a wheelchair, so that gives me lots of time to be here for him and for my girls.

[00:01:59] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Oh [00:02:00] wow. That's a lot of responsibility.

[00:02:01] Kris Chickencitychickens: raise you so at some point, you know, you have to take care of them.

[00:02:07] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yes. I, I was, well, I was kind of talking about, and this doesn't have anything to do with chickens, but I, I'm just gonna take a minute 'cause what you said really touches my heart a little bit because we were, we were kind of talking about this the other day with my sister. She came up from Florida. And both of our parents are gone.

[00:02:26] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: So they're, they died many, many years ago. I mean, we were in our early twenties when, you know, our parents died. And then my mom died like 22 years ago or something. It's been a really long time. But we were talking about that, you know because her husband, you know, his parents are elderly and he's wanting to go take care of 'em, you know, because you, he has that.

[00:02:50] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: It's not like, I don't, I don't wanna say like obligation. I don't know if that word, that word just seems kind of cold to me. But yeah, they raise us, you know, their whole lives and then to [00:03:00] be elderly and alone. I couldn't imagine. That's so scary and so sad, I guess 'cause I reflect on it. Like me, like what?

[00:03:08] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Obviously I have three girls. I hope that one of 'em is gonna take care me.

[00:03:11] Kris Chickencitychickens: have one,

[00:03:13] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: But yeah, that's, that's a lot.

[00:03:15] Kris Chickencitychickens: it, I mean it, like I said, it, it feels good to

[00:03:18] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: That's a, that's a lot.

[00:03:19] Kris Chickencitychickens: call it giving back or paying them back for everything they.

[00:03:25] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah. No, no, I like that. That's sweet. That's very sweet and very honorable. Yeah. I love that. So, do you live in the city? I know you said you had 40 chickens, so you, you obviously don't live in the city or you're hiding them chickens.

[00:03:43] Kris Chickencitychickens: have a few more that I'm supposed to, but you know, we don't have everybody I'm in. A small city outside of Raleigh. so it, I mean, it's growing fast as any place around here. It's growing really fast, but it's still kind of a [00:04:00] small area and everybody is really open to chickens.

[00:04:03] Kris Chickencitychickens: Everybody has chickens around here. Everybody, my entire neighborhood just loves the girls. Like, they just, they think it's fabulous what I have up here and, you know, they all get eggs from me and I, it's just, yeah, I just. But yeah, I

[00:04:18] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Oh yeah.

[00:04:19] Kris Chickencitychickens: have a few more that I'm supposed to.

[00:04:25] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I think, I think you can buy some silence with farm fresh eggs. That's what I hear from my city city chicken girls and guys that you can buy a little bit of silence, you know, for some farm fresh eggs. So you kinda like an egg dealer, you know, you're like dealing for dealing for deals.

[00:04:47] Kris Chickencitychickens: like when

[00:04:47] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: But yeah.

[00:04:48] Kris Chickencitychickens: into the backyard, you maybe see 10 chickens at one time. So it's like, how many chickens do you have? I have 10. Yeah.

[00:04:57] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: it's like, where's Waldo? You know, like, where's the [00:05:00] chicken?

[00:05:01] Kris Chickencitychickens: Yeah.

[00:05:02] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: You can't, you can't find them. You have no idea how many I have. And they're like, oh. And you're like, no, I just have one of each of this color, not like four of each of this color. 'cause you could get away with that, I think,

[00:05:13] Kris Chickencitychickens: back there, I cannot

[00:05:14] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: you know.

[00:05:14] Kris Chickencitychickens: the mealworm bag. And

[00:05:19] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Oh no.

[00:05:20] Kris Chickencitychickens: how many chickens did you say you had?

[00:05:27] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: They'd all come running. They would. They would, yeah. So how did you get started with chicken? Did you grow up with chicken? Did you grandma have chicken? Was it just on a whim?

[00:05:39] Kris Chickencitychickens: up I was never really around chickens. Nobody in my family had chickens, but I had always wanted them. I had friends, you know, growing up that had 'em. but I had always wanted 'em. And then my son's girlfriend had chickens at the time and it was, COVID was ramping up and we were kind of stuck at home. Yeah. And you know, [00:06:00] I. You know, I'm gonna be stuck at home. It would give me lots of time to raise them, take care of them, kind of figure out what I'm doing. So that's kind of when it started. And I started with six leg horns. One of the babies died. Still breaks my heart. So I started with like five leg horns and then I'm not quite sure what happened.

[00:06:20] Kris Chickencitychickens: I think everybody calls it.

[00:06:26] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: It is chicken math. It is. It is chicken math. It's an illness.

[00:06:29] Kris Chickencitychickens: I guess I've been doing about five years now and over the time, like I've taken in chickens, you know, that just need to retire. I have a lot of 'em out there that don't lay, but they're like, Chris, you know, older chicken, can she come live with you and just live her best life?

[00:06:45] Kris Chickencitychickens: So a lot of them out there are just. Living their best life. They've worked really hard, you know, all their little lives, so they deserve a place to come retire. And that's what some of them that I have are. They're just retirement chickens.[00:07:00] 

[00:07:02] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I love that we have retirement. We have senior ladies here. We wilma's in Wilma's, in Hepa. She's not laying an egg. In probably a year, year and a half or so. Every time she molts, which is typical for any laying age. Hen Once she molts, you know, she takes a break, but. Every single time, even if she takes a molt in the spring, she just will stop laying for six, eight months and then she may lay one egg and then that's it.

[00:07:31] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: But I think it's okay. They earned the right to stay here. Yeah, absolutely. So where did you get your chickens, your initial chickens? Did you research?

[00:07:43] Track 1: Tractor supply. Okay. That's okay.

[00:07:46] Kris Chickencitychickens: and then the research that I did, it was like leghorns or the, we were trying to go for, laid the most eggs for this kind of environment. So we went with the leghorn. Absolutely I love the leghorn. They're [00:08:00] fantastic layers. But then I was just, didn't know a lot about chickens when I started out.

[00:08:06] Kris Chickencitychickens: Like I had no idea how many breeds of chickens there were. I mean, I'm still learning every day. I'm like, oh my gosh, what kind of chicken is that? You know, I've never seen that one before. So then that's when I started, I got a couple silkies, then I went to the Easter Eggers to start getting the pretty colored eggs, you know, so I.

[00:08:30] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah, so you kind of switch from quantity of eggs. Then you, you branched out to wanting different colored eggs, different types of breeds.

[00:08:38] Kris Chickencitychickens: got the point

[00:08:39] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:08:40] Kris Chickencitychickens: do they

[00:08:41] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: So

[00:08:42] Kris Chickencitychickens: Okay, they can come live with me. I don't, you know, I don't care if they're laying, I don't care what color egg they lay. I don't care. I don't care what they look like if they can just come be with me.

[00:08:52] Track 1: right.

[00:08:56] Track 1: So going back to when you first got your chickens, [00:09:00] and I know you said you, you didn't like, have a whole lot of prior knowledge about chickens and don't feel bad 'cause I didn't either. Like 15 years ago when I got my rescue chickens from somebody, a friend of mine, I. I didn't have any idea. I had been around chickens, like with my aunt when I was growing up, but I didn't personally have any chickens.

[00:09:18] Track 1: I didn't want chickens. I thought they were gross, but look at me now. Anyway. Anyway. But my question is, so when you went to, when you proceeded to get your research, like where did you go? Like where did you. I put that first foot. Like what? What area were you looking for? Was it online? Was it in a book? I mean, give us some ideas.

[00:09:41] Kris Chickencitychickens: researching online what the best breed was. And like I said, I, I'm, I think Leghorns, like I said, we went with that because of the amount of eggs they produced every year, and just the, they seemed to be like a really. chicken, but you know, in the beginning, oh my goodness, I just [00:10:00] did not have a clue what I was doing. I, I, I just didn't, you know, I thought you went and got a bunch of chickens and brought 'em back and gave 'em a little bit of, I, I just didn't know, like, you know, their health and there's just so much to be in a chicken tender that I didn't know, but.

[00:10:26] Track 1: I know it.

[00:10:27] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: overwhelming. And then I kind of got to the point, I don't know if you ever got to the point, but it was like, have I done? Have I gotten myself in over my head? Like, you know, do I, can I do this? So I just kept plugging away, learning, researching, you know, just. Basically learning something new every day, how to take care of the girls, you know? 'cause I wanted to make sure if I was gonna do this, I wanted to do it a hundred percent and make sure I was doing it. You know, so they were the healthiest they could be. I just didn't wanna buy, [00:11:00] I have a neighbor that just buys chickens and just kind of throws 'em out there and breaks my heart. Doesn't give them any love, you know, things like that. So.

[00:11:13] Track 1: Yes, I know, I know. I'm not laughing at you. I promise. 'cause I, I completely understand if, if you follow me and know me, you know that I completely understand. But I, I do think that like there is. There's more than one category of chicken keeper, but let's just say for this purpose, there's like two, maybe two or three different categories of chicken keepers.

[00:11:40] Track 1: You see like the traditional chicken keepers that you see on tv or you know, like, you know, my aunt or maybe your neighbor, you know, they have chickens. Chickens have lived outside their entire lives, you know, growing many generations back. But then you see. Those of us that are kind of [00:12:00] taking chickens as like a companion animal, like a pet, you know?

[00:12:05] Track 1: So if they lay eggs, we don't care. We just love them for their personality and stuff. And then of course, you have a category that's mixed, you know, they love their chickens, but they still, you know, they are livestock, which is fine too. You know, I don't judge anybody by,

[00:12:20] Kris Chickencitychickens: not. just,

[00:12:23] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah. So, yeah, I'm, I only laugh because yeah.

[00:12:26] Track 1: You want them, you want to love them and snuggle them and take pictures of them. So yeah, companion chickens is, is a big business. And I mean like a big business as in marketing and just as chicken keepers, you know, we focus more on companion and not,

[00:12:50] Kris Chickencitychickens: Right,

[00:12:51] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: you know, livestock kind of thing. So, yeah, yeah.

[00:12:54] Track 1: Anyway, not to, I didn't mean to interrupt you, so you Go ahead. I'm sorry.

[00:12:58] Kris Chickencitychickens: though I say I have 40 [00:13:00] chickens, like each one of them has a name. You know one is named Celine. 'cause I love Celine Dion. You know Cher, but you know, so every one of my chickens actually has a name and I know everybody's like Chris, there's no way you know, each chicken.

[00:13:14] Kris Chickencitychickens: I'm like, I do know each chicken. That's Minnie, that's Pearl, that's Cher, that's cinder. I know each and every one of them 'cause I just adore them kind of thing. You know what I mean?

[00:13:27] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah. And you spend time with them. At one time we had way over a hundred chickens here. And when you say, you know, and that didn't include quail and all those other things, but when you, when you say to yourself, like you said earlier, you know, what have I gotten myself into and chicken math, and I've been real honest about that.

[00:13:45] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Chicken math can happen and you can be. Even though you got it under control, it may be taking too much out of you to keep it at that level of control, if that makes sense. Like you [00:14:00] have a level, a standard that you're gonna go by and if you get pushed to that ceiling and you don't wanna lower your standard, you gotta, you gotta cut it off.

[00:14:10] Track 1: And that's actually what we did last year. I cut it off. There was no baby chicks last year, except for my geese. Geese are not included in this. But yeah, I had to cut myself off, so I did. I actually thinned down my flock, not my OG flock, but I had a lot of newer layers. I didn't need all those eggs, so I gave them to another farm that's up the road and I still see them.

[00:14:32] Track 1: I see them when I drive by and they are happy and healthy and everyone is happy. So yeah, you get, you gotta, you gotta know like when, what is your capacity? But.

[00:14:43] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: had to take a step back, like even though I would take 50 more, I had to take, take a step back and look and go, Chris, it's just you doing this. I know you wanna. I have a ton more, but like you said, you know, you have, realistically you have to look at it. What can I handle? And I've just [00:15:00] decided that I'm kind of at that perfect place right now where, know, it's not too much, it's not too little, and I can keep them all healthy and happy without feeling completely overwhelmed. You know what I mean? Sometimes you get overwhelmed.

[00:15:15] Track 1: Yeah. Oh yeah. That's normal everyday life. Yeah. Yeah. And I completely respect you for saying that too. So, yeah, we, if we know where our shortcomings are, we can, you know, cut them off beforehand. I gotta turn this heater down real fast. I don't know if you can hear the heater. It's probably gonna come up on my audio for those that can only see, hear us and not see us.

[00:15:43] Track 1: It is really cold here, and I'm in my She shed it. Okay. There it is. It cut off. But I have a heater at my feet because I'm a crybaby.

[00:15:50] Kris Chickencitychickens: the AC on in my house 'cause it's so warm here.

[00:15:56] Track 1: It's crazy.

[00:15:57] Track 1: Oh, that's crazy. That's crazy. [00:16:00] But okay. Anyway, so we know that you researched online, okay. And you got your chickens from Tractor Supply and then afterwards, is that where you went? Or did you, are you breeding them in your own stock? Are you getting eggs, specialty eggs? How? How are we multiplying over there, Chris?

[00:16:18] Kris Chickencitychickens: I went down, I had some big, beautiful roosters in the very beginning 'cause I did wanna be able to have babies and all. Same thing. I realized that that was too much for me. I'm too new of a chicken tender. You know, I don't, I just don't have

[00:16:34] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Mm-Hmm.

[00:16:35] Kris Chickencitychickens: on that.

[00:16:35] Kris Chickencitychickens: And I know my hands are really loud, but the roosters were really loud. And being in a neighborhood, I just wanted to be respectful, you know, to my neighbors. So

[00:16:48] Track 1: Yeah,

[00:16:48] Kris Chickencitychickens: a

[00:16:49] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I understand that.

[00:16:53] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Okay. So how did you acquire the rest of 'em? Are these ones that were given to you? [00:17:00] I'm talking about like your, aside from your initial leg horns.

[00:17:03] Kris Chickencitychickens: many places, some from my son's girlfriend, some from some farms around here. Old Craigslist. Although what

[00:17:12] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I.

[00:17:12] Kris Chickencitychickens: I'm kind of leery of getting them, you know,

[00:17:15] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Okay. Okay. Yeah. Gotta be definitely curious. Gotta be careful with biosecurity for sure.

[00:17:22] Kris Chickencitychickens: numerous places. People will actually come to me, a couple of them that I have out there and are like, Chris, is there any way you could take these? And I'm like, sure, absolutely. So, and even now, even though I know I'm at that

[00:17:33] Track 1: Aw,

[00:17:34] Kris Chickencitychickens: if somebody came to me with a desperate situation, you know, I would be like, yeah, sure. Come live with me.

[00:17:44] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Okay, so in that situation, you know, that, you know, you would need a separate quarantine, quarantine area and things like that to be set up for that. And, and the reason why I'm asking that is because these are things that people need to think ahead of time. You know, when you're getting, [00:18:00] you know, you get your initial whatever, six chickens or whatever from whatever chick place you wanna get your chick and you bring 'em home.

[00:18:09] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Eventually, you know, they grow up and they're not like little baby chicks. And when people start posting all their baby chicks online, I mean it's like, it just makes you want some more baby chicks. So, you know, that's, that's being aware of, you know, getting ahead of the problem. So, yeah, I definitely appreciate that you have made that a, you know, made that a priority is to keep all of the whole flock safe.

[00:18:39] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: And, and how do you keep, how, how would you do your biosecurity, how would you keep. How would you keep your current flock safe if you brought in another member?

[00:18:54] Kris Chickencitychickens: that can be sectioned off just for those, and, you know, I, I maybe give [00:19:00] them too long of a time, but usually about a week or so just to make sure nothing's gonna arise, you know, let them meet and greet. At the fence so they can kind of get a feel for each other.

[00:19:15] Track 1: Right.

[00:19:16] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: Go

[00:19:16] Track 1: mean, usually the. The standard's like 30 days and 30 feet. But I mean, everybody has to do what's best for, you know, your own flock. But that's just the standard.

[00:19:27] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: didn't even know that. I didn't realize it was, yeah, which makes sense.

[00:19:32] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I. It's only because it takes a while for them, you know, like in a stressful environment to bring out an illness that they may have that you don't see. And that usually gives 'em ample time to I'm obviously not telling you you have to do that. If everything is working fine, that's fine. I, I am definitely not stepping on anybody's little chicken feet.

[00:19:56] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: That's just like a standard. If you were, if you were to [00:20:00] like read or you know, any of those types of chicken chicken resources will, you know, 30 days for 30 feet. And that's also like the USDA biosecurity. But anyway, moving on, but okay. I got, I got hung up for a second there, but.

[00:20:21] Track 1: So what do you think is been an issue caring for your flock, and is there something you could have done differently? Just any kind of insight on that.

[00:20:31] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: where to start with it. When I first started out, like I said, I just did not realize what it took to keep a flock healthy. You know, I just, I, I didn't know, and now I know, you know, pretty much if you're gonna have a flock, it's for me, love nutrition, water. You know, making sure however many

[00:20:51] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Mm-Hmm.

[00:20:52] Kris Chickencitychickens: have, do

[00:20:52] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah.

[00:20:52] Kris Chickencitychickens: the adequate amount of space for them? You know, in the wintertime, are your coops insulated in the summertime? Are they [00:21:00] ventilated enough? In the summertime, are you keeping them cool enough in the wintertime? You know, and I am, I do have to say this, I see a lot of back and forth with this, but in the wintertime, I'm not a heat person. I just feel like it doesn't get that cold here that, you know, I, I feel like for me,

[00:21:18] Track 1: Right.

[00:21:19] Kris Chickencitychickens: It would be harder on their bodies to try to adjust and readjust, you know, having them come and go from that heat. So wintertime, I really don't do anything, just try to insulate their coops and stuff as much as possible. But it was just the, in the beginning it was overwhelming 'cause I was just like, I don't know what I'm doing.

[00:21:37] Kris Chickencitychickens: And then, you know, the other side of that is you get on and you start researching on the internet and there's. There's just a wealth of information. Like, I feel like you can find anything

[00:21:51] Track 1: Yes,

[00:21:51] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: on the internet or from somebody's social media. But on the other hand, in the very beginning, I, I saw so much what am [00:22:00] I trying to say?

[00:22:00] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: Contradicting information, you know, for example, like the vinegar and water, you

[00:22:05] Track 1: yes.

[00:22:05] Kris Chickencitychickens: a new chicken tender, I was like.

[00:22:08] Track 1: Yeah.

[00:22:08] Kris Chickencitychickens: believe? Like do I do it? Do I not do it? So the game plan that I took just to make sure I was doing the right thing, I kept it poultry like, you know, the poultry vitamins and Purina, Purina feed.

[00:22:22] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: That's the way to go.

[00:22:23] Kris Chickencitychickens: them, it's good for

[00:22:25] Track 1: Yeah.

[00:22:25] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: you know, kind of thing.

[00:22:26] Track 1: Yeah.

[00:22:27] Kris Chickencitychickens: to each their

[00:22:28] Track 1: Yeah.

[00:22:28] Kris Chickencitychickens: if you like to do. Whatever you like to do. If you like to do that, that's your thing. But you know, just for me, I like to stick with things,

[00:22:36] Kris Chickencitychickens: Right.

[00:22:37] Kris Chickencitychickens: poultry, if that makes sense.

[00:22:41] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah. It, it could, we could have a huge blowup right here and like the chicken controversy. Chicken hacks, you know, it's just insane the amount of information that is out there. But like I, you said, and [00:23:00] like I say, make sure you're getting your information from a reputable source, which is scientific articles.

[00:23:07] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: There's so many websites out there that are made for avian information, and it's not hearsay, it's actual information provided by veterinarians and years and years of research. And that is all we have to say on that. Just be real careful where you actually get your information. Now you can get people's opinions.

[00:23:30] Track 1: On what works for their flock. You know, anything outside of, you know, bedding whether to use heat or not, or whether to use the deep litter method or, you know, all these different things. And like you brought up the vinegar water. I mean, there's no scientific proof that even works and it's actually detrimental to your chickens.

[00:23:53] Track 1: Depending on the situation that you're going to use it, it's not, it should not be used every, like an everyday [00:24:00] thing. It's, it's not necessary. But anyway, I totally agree. You know, just do your own research. We all have our own personality.

[00:24:09] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: know, if it works for you, you do you, you know.

[00:24:15] Track 1: Right. Just need to, but we also have to, we also have to, I think, have a sm we have a responsibility to maybe say, Hey, maybe you should look into that, you know, a little bit better if, you know, if it's something detrimental to a flock it's gonna be hard for me not to at least say, Hey, have you considered this?

[00:24:38] Track 1: Now if it's just something minute, you know, like preferences. People have preferences of what they like to do with their flocks, and that is completely okay. We all have our own personality, we have our own flock. Go for it. I, I mean, like the standard of care, if it's something detrimental, I am probably gonna say, Hey, maybe you should research a little bit [00:25:00] of this.

[00:25:00] Track 1: 'cause I don't, I don't think that's what they're saying, but,

[00:25:02] Kris Chickencitychickens: Right.

[00:25:03] Track 1: but that's just me, you know? I don't know. I don't, I don't try to mess in anybody's business 'cause I don't want you in my flock. But at the same time, you know, if it's something really, really detrimental, I will, you know,

[00:25:17] Kris Chickencitychickens: Yeah.

[00:25:17] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I will tend to say something.

[00:25:19] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: But anyway. But where do you see yourself moving forward, like with your flock that you currently have? Do you have any dreams, any goals? You know, whatcha looking at?

[00:25:30] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: have a farm. I mean, it, it just, that would be my dream. You know, if I had the means to hire help and somebody to help me, I, that's my dream. But, you know, as of right now, where I'm, I am just so happy. I have like, I have the utmost perfect flock right now. You know, I just adore those girls and like I said, I'm, I'm really comfortable where I'm at.

[00:25:52] Kris Chickencitychickens: It's not too much, not too little, and like I said, to me, their health is most important and I can keep this size [00:26:00] flock. Comfortable, healthy, happy, with no issues at all, you know, so.

[00:26:09] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Have you had any issues like with illnesses and you feel like you. You didn't have access to veterinarian care, or what is your opinion on veterinarian care for chickens? There's no wrong or right answer. I'm just asking you.

[00:26:22] Kris Chickencitychickens: I have a mobile vet that deals with farm animals and she's been here a couple times to take a look at some of my girls. And fortunately there were issues with them where she had to put them down. but you know, that's. I am fortunate with that, where a lot of people aren't is I do have a vet that I can get my hands on, and I have a man that lives around the corner.

[00:26:44] Kris Chickencitychickens: That's been a tremendous help to me. If I ever have any questions with, you know, wrong with the chicken, he'll come over and, you know, look at her. So I, I am very fortunate there.

[00:26:59] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: [00:27:00] Oh yeah. That's amazing that you're, you're you have a mobile vet.

[00:27:03] Kris Chickencitychickens: Fantastic. And.

[00:27:07] Track 1: I mean, we have like, we have like a livestock vet that would come out, but for my chickens we have access to an avian veterinarian and she's great. So, and not, like you said, not everybody has that option. And I think that's why a lot of people take to the internet because they are looking for answers.

[00:27:24] Track 1: You know, they do love their vet, their, their chickens, you know, but they're in a place now because of the. You know, the FDA removed antibiotics off the shelf, which I understand why to a certain point for resistance, but. Because people were just treating their chickens for everything and then they ended up could be if those eggs ended up in the food source, there could be resistance and yada yada.

[00:27:46] Track 1: It's like this whole domino effect. But yeah, they ended up not being able to access any of those antibiotics. But people are getting around that by ordering stuff offline that is not even [00:28:00] intended for, the same species needs, I mean's like

[00:28:03] Kris Chickencitychickens: doesn't.

[00:28:03] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: fish, antibiotics and stuff. But like I said, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not judging you once a one not at all, not an ounce.

[00:28:13] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: So if that's how you got it and that's, your chickens are healthy, I don't know what to tell you. But if you, if you have a, I think that's why people come to the internet and that's why we do these interviews so that people can have access to, you know, even just general basic information of how to help their flock stay healthy and safe and maybe, you know, get in front of any type of illness that may come along.

[00:28:38] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: But obviously you're not gonna stop, you know, all the illnesses. There's cancer and all kinds of things that just happen because one, they age, you know, the, the genetics and all those different things. But that's a whole nother

[00:28:52] Kris Chickencitychickens: the thing too, one more thing on

[00:28:53] Track 1: But.

[00:28:54] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: is like this summer. and the internet, well, for me it was social media. 'cause like I said, once I, [00:29:00] you know, it mainly Instagram, but the. I, I just didn't know. I started to share my girls, you know, just share my girls. There's this whole community out there for you like that.

[00:29:17] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: It's just amazing. Like they just wrap their arms around you and offer any help they can for you. You know, like, here's a good example. This summer I, Cher was going into a heat stroke. I had never seen one before. I didn't, I, and I didn't. I was in pure panic mode because I just, I was trying to look things up.

[00:29:39] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: I wasn't sure what to do for her. Someone had told me, don't bring her inside. Another person said, do bring her inside. So, I went to Instagram and reached out to, you know, one of the relationships I built, which was Covid. Cluckers, and literally Covid Cluckers

[00:29:57] Track 1: Yeah, Ray.

[00:29:58] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: bomb. Like

[00:29:59] Track 1: Yeah.[00:30:00] 

[00:30:00] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: helped me save shares life, telling me exactly what to do, stayed in close contact with me. you know, so even if you don't, I guess my point is even if you don't have that vet that you can reach out to, if you've built any kind of relationship. Somebody, this might sound wrong, but somebody that you know is trustworthy, knows I guess what they're talking about. Am I saying that right?

[00:30:24] Track 1: Right.

[00:30:25] Kris Chickencitychickens: out to

[00:30:25] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Oh yeah. Obviously. Yeah.

[00:30:27] Kris Chickencitychickens: help you.

[00:30:28] Kris Chickencitychickens: Like I said, if it wasn't for Covid clickers, my girl share wouldn't be here today.

[00:30:36] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah, heat stress is very, it's very scary. We've been, we've been through that and it's no fun. You can do everything you're supposed to do and if it's just too hot, it's too hot. I mean, there ain't much else you can do, but yeah. I'm glad that Cher is okay though.

[00:30:54] Kris Chickencitychickens: she was an honor, and like I said, I, I hate to keep saying her name, but if Covid Cluckers hadn't have helped [00:31:00] me, she, she wouldn't have

[00:31:01] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: no, we love Ray.

[00:31:06] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah, RA raise a sweetheart. She really is. She really cares. So what kind of tips would you give to someone that is just starting out? Spring is coming. We all know that. Even us old timers, we'll just look at chicks and just drool, but we know that we're probably gonna have some new people. So what would you say,

[00:31:27] Kris Chickencitychickens: Okay.

[00:31:28] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: give us like three of your best tips.

[00:31:31] Kris Chickencitychickens: I guess number one, I'm not sure if this should be number one, number two, but do your research. Do your research, and number two,

[00:31:40] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Oh, you don't. You don't have to have it in order. Go right ahead. You just go right over comes off the top of your head. If you got four, if you got five, you just rail 'em out. This is just here.

[00:31:48] Kris Chickencitychickens: know, make sure, and it's not about the type of chicken you're getting, it's how you're gonna care for them to space it. You have but think things through, you know, don't just decide. I'm in Tractor Supply. Look [00:32:00] at these cute little baby chicks. I'm just gonna scoop some up now. Take 'em home and wing it.

[00:32:04] Kris Chickencitychickens: Don't do that. Make sure you have a game plan. That was, I'm embarrassed to say, but one thing I sort of didn't have, and I wish I had had more of a game plan. So I feel like if you get it all planned out, have your coops ready, have your runs ready, everything is set up. You've got, you know what you're doing.

[00:32:22] Kris Chickencitychickens: You're somewhat comfortable with their health, their food, making sure they have enough water. Then bring those babies in. But you know, I was kind of, not so far to the extreme, but I was sort of one of those people that was like, oh, I want chickens. Let's go get chickens and not quite ready for those chickens kind of thing.

[00:32:39] Kris Chickencitychickens: You know what I mean?

[00:32:42] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So do you have any other tips for our listeners? You don't have to, I'm just asking. We just want you to just have the opportunity to tell them [00:33:00] whatever you wanna.

[00:33:00] Kris Chickencitychickens: thinking about chickens and you have the means to do it, go for it. Because they are just, I mean, they're the most fabulous creature. I just, can't imagine my life without my girls. You know what I mean? I just love them so much. So, get the biggest kick out of seeing everybody else's farm animals, you know, whether it's a horse, a goat, a pig.

[00:33:20] Kris Chickencitychickens: I just, I, anything farm, I

[00:33:23] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah.

[00:33:23] Kris Chickencitychickens: I love it. I do have something, sorry,

[00:33:28] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: know, a.

[00:33:29] Kris Chickencitychickens: something funny. In the very beginning, I was one of those people that was like, oh yeah, I'm gonna get free eggs. 10.

[00:33:41] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah,

[00:33:42] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: had to put that in

[00:33:42] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I know, I know, I know. I don't even wanna even think about that. I think at one time I was like adding up. I. Because we have like seven coops and then I have a quail run, and then I have a maternity ward, and then I have [00:34:00] two goose pins and you know, and Rob the builder, which is my husband, he is an electrician and he actually owns a remodeling company.

[00:34:09] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: That's, that's what he does. He remodels houses and all that stuff and commercial places, and he has built. With the exception of my big barn coop. I call it a barn coop 'cause it was actually made out of barn lumber that was on this property. This is his family's property and property that he grew up on.

[00:34:29] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: So it, it was part of barn lumber that they took off of a old barn and they constructed this chicken coop and that's where his family. He raised chickens in there when he was a little boy. He had chickens. Like Robert had chickens. He had cows. They, we've had goats and pigs here. I mean, he's had it all.

[00:34:52] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: He knows like, he's like a hillbilly farm boy. And I, I didn't grow up that way, but anyway, [00:35:00] I'm in that now. Like I hit midlife and now I'm reverting back to, you know, 'cause I'm getting a little heifer calf this spring and we've got geese and we got chickens, you know. But anyway, my point is that he has built like everything.

[00:35:16] Track 1: The structural wise. Now I added like windows and vents and fencing. I, I did all those things, believe it or not, people, believe it or not, I did all the fencing, I did all the, all those extra. I have my own work shed that has all the tools in it. And it's a funny story because Robert decided he was gonna buy me all the tools instead of me saying, Hey Robert, can you come fix this?

[00:35:39] Track 1: Hey Robert, can you, you know, make a vent here. I need you to add ventilation here, a window here. So he went and got all of these tools, and then my work shed now is, if something's needs repairing, I'm gonna repair it. Unless it's something really major like electricity or I ain't doing none of that, that's his job.

[00:35:59] Track 1: [00:36:00] But yeah, so you have to be, you, you, you have to realize what goes into it, you know?

[00:36:09] Kris Chickencitychickens: tape, tarps and zip ties

[00:36:11] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah.

[00:36:12] Kris Chickencitychickens: are a huge bonus to have.

[00:36:15] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yeah, I put Harbor Freight. I put Harbor Freight in business with zip ties, Harbor Freight. If you're listening, here's a biggest tip and Harbor Freight, and here's a shout out 'cause I love you. Harbor Freight has the best deal on zip ties.

[00:36:32] Track 1: I could probably build an entire house with Zipties.

[00:36:35] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: I never knew growing up that my life would involve so much mud, zip ties, duct tape, and tarps,

[00:36:47] Track 1: It's fabulous. But I mean, you know, I don't know. I couldn't see myself like living the city. High fancy, high rolling. Nothing wrong with that. If that's the way you live, I'm so happy for [00:37:00] you if that's, you know, makes your heart happy. But

[00:37:01] Kris Chickencitychickens: right?

[00:37:02] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I'm the happiest when I'm dirty and when I'm outside. And. Yeah, absolutely.

[00:37:08] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I 100% agree and I like that you brought up the chicken community. I think it is a wonderful place to be. You know, we, we have met so many amazing people. Through Instagram and it touches my heart to see so many people coming together. Like with Ray and there's so many other cases where, you know, chickens have passed and the community just rallies around them, you know, to bring them comfort and stuff.

[00:37:37] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: And it is, it is just heartwarming to see all that.

[00:37:41] Kris Chickencitychickens: oh, it's just social media. But, and I realize that like, you know, these aren't people we see on a daily basis. But if you feel the love

[00:37:49] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Right.

[00:37:51] Kris Chickencitychickens: you know, you feel the love, like it's, it's just been. I'm a very small account, but know, I just, I feel the love every day when I'm on [00:38:00] there.

[00:38:00] Kris Chickencitychickens: I just, and I enjoy seeing everybody else's babies, you know, it's just, it's a great community.

[00:38:08] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Well, I don't think the size of the account. And just as a tip for everybody so that they understand who my listeners, they know how I stand on this. Knowledge does not equate to a number on social media. So don't be be open to messaging, maybe smaller accounts because. They may have all the answers that you're looking for, you know, in some of these larger accounts.

[00:38:33] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: No sly against anyone who has a large account. Good for you. I hope you're doing a great job with it, you know, and doing some good with it. But yeah, don't, don't negate some of those smaller accounts 'cause you know, they have great information too. So I just wanna throw that out there. I mean, I don't think the size of your account makes it.

[00:38:56] Track 1: Makes you any less educated, I guess is what I'm trying to say. I, [00:39:00] I'm on this whole social media kick now with these numbers. I, I just, it makes me crazy. You know, I see people online that just kind of maybe don't think that they, I. Like if you get a message from someone who's a really small account and you just ignore them or not saying you have to answer them, but don't be humble, I guess is what I'm saying.

[00:39:20] Track 1: Humble yourselves. Humble. Humble yourselves a little bit. People bring yourself down just a notch. Okay. You just online, right? It's just the internet.

[00:39:31] Kris Chickencitychickens: told you. I already told you like I was fangirling over you like the first time and you, you commented on one of my

[00:39:38] Track 1: Oh,

[00:39:38] Kris Chickencitychickens: I was like, oh my god.

[00:39:42] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: oh gosh. Oh, that just, that makes me giddy. And only because I just think that's so sweet though. When I see people that I don't know, it just really just, it's not even like a humble brag or anything. It really [00:40:00] just touches my heart that people think that. It means a lot to them and it just, it's just makes me, I don't even know how to explain it.

[00:40:09] Track 1: It kind of makes me tear up a little bit. But thank you. I appreciate you so much and I love your account. I do. I follow all kinds of accounts. I follow little bitty accounts. You know, I don't follow a whole lot of big accounts. I just, there's not a whole lot of interaction with there, and I'm not saying that, you know, maybe they're just really, really busy and that's okay too.

[00:40:29] Track 1: But I really liked the small community accounts. They just have a lot to offer and so don't skip on the little accounts, okay? Don't, don't skip on them. Don't skip on them. Okay? So, okay, where, where can people find you? Where can people find you on the internet? If you want people to find you? What?

[00:40:50] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: no

[00:40:51] Track 1: What are your handles?

[00:40:52] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: a big Facebook person, but I am on TikTok and I am on Instagram. Instagram is Chicken City [00:41:00] Chickens and TikTok is Farm Life Living.

[00:41:06] Track 1: Oh, do I, I don't think I followed it on TikTok. Do I?

[00:41:09] squadcaster-235h_1_01-28-2024_130221: you know what, I may have changed my name to Chicken City Chickens over there, but

[00:41:16] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I'll have to look. I can't remember. I,

[00:41:19] Kris Chickencitychickens: or

[00:41:19] Track 1: really don't remember, but yeah. Okay. Do you have anything else to share with our listeners before I ask you these three little random questions? Yeah. Okay. Okay. These are just random questions. If you don't wanna answer them, you can just tell me to go away, but they're really funny though.

[00:41:43] Track 1: I don't know. Okay. If you could put anything on a billboard, what would you put on it and why?

[00:41:49] Kris Chickencitychickens: if I can put anything on a billboard. Oh my goodness. I, i, I don't even know. I can't even.[00:42:00] 

[00:42:01] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yep. Okay. Pass. We'll pass that one. We'll go on. No, it's okay. We can, okay. Okay. Okay. And, okay. If your life was a movie, what would it be called? What would it be called? What would your life, if your Life was a movie? Fit loose. I love that movie. That's a fabulous movie. Do you, do you dance outside with your chickens?

[00:42:23] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I'm not gonna say I do because I do. But do you, do you go outside and dance with your chickens?

[00:42:28] Kris Chickencitychickens: go out there and play music a lot and actually with my chickens. And you know, what I was thinking about doing was maybe having a chicken run dance challenge. Would

[00:42:41] Track 1: Ah,

[00:42:41] Kris Chickencitychickens: be

[00:42:41] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: that's a good idea.

[00:42:43] Kris Chickencitychickens: And there might be, there might be

[00:42:46] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I mean, I can try. I'm not the best dancer, but you know, we don't have to do prizes, we just do it for fun. Yeah. We just you know. Yeah. Yeah. [00:43:00] Okay. Are you ready? This is the very last one. If you could go back to when you were 18, what would you tell yourself?

[00:43:05] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: What would you tell that child? What would you tell that youngin, that young girl?

[00:43:14] Track 1: Yeah, what, what advice would you give her? Because I'm looking for advice too, you know, like I'm looking back at my 18-year-old self and I'm like, gosh, I could have told her so many things.

[00:43:23] Kris Chickencitychickens: there's just so

[00:43:23] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Well.

[00:43:24] Kris Chickencitychickens: live each day. don't take anything for granted because it can be gone in a heartbeat. There's just so much, you know, take care of yourself. You know, there, there's just so much. But for me, it's, I guess the way I see some kids, they just seem to take everything for granted.

[00:43:44] Kris Chickencitychickens: You know, like kids nowadays don't seem to appreciate things we used to, you know,

[00:43:53] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: yeah, yeah. us, US Gen Xers are pretty,

[00:43:57] Kris Chickencitychickens: you.

[00:43:58] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I don't know. We pretty tough, I [00:44:00] think. I don't know. We were feral kids.

[00:44:02] Kris Chickencitychickens: yeah, I'm, I was

[00:44:03] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: We were feral.

[00:44:04] Kris Chickencitychickens: one, but yeah, never,

[00:44:08] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: No, Chris.

[00:44:15] Kris Chickencitychickens: Just a little. a little.

[00:44:18] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: That's all right. Well, I think I was a little wild too. Just a little bit.

[00:44:23] Kris Chickencitychickens: down.

[00:44:23] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Just a little bit. Okay. So your last and final question is, what is your favorite book or movie? What makes you the happiest Just to watch it. You'll watch it over and over again?

[00:44:37] Kris Chickencitychickens: me. You are gonna laugh at at,

[00:44:41] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Never. Never.

[00:44:44] Kris Chickencitychickens: Christmas vacation.

[00:44:48] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: I love.

[00:44:53] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: We, we actually have all the, what people call DVDs, you know, those old, old [00:45:00] things, the DVDs. We have the whole collection of it. We love it. We absolutely love it. Love Clark.

[00:45:05] Kris Chickencitychickens: for them to start showing that and I will watch it over and over and over again. You know, it's just, it's Oh

[00:45:13] Mel Wilmathewonderhen: Yes. National Lampoons Christmas vacation. It's a classic. It is a classic. Yeah. Absolutely. I love it. And I love that you accepted my invitation to come on our podcast. We just adore you, we adore all your little chickies. I love your little silkies. I think they're absolutely adorable. And we are really grateful that you spent time with us today, and we appreciate you and I'll see you next time, Chris.

[00:45:41] Kris Chickencitychickens: Bye now.

[00:45:46] ​

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