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EP 18 Heather of the The Layin Ladies: Bringing back her family roots, one chicken at a time!

July 12, 2021 Melissa Season 1 Episode 18
Wilma The Wonder Hen Podcast
EP 18 Heather of the The Layin Ladies: Bringing back her family roots, one chicken at a time!
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Todays guest is Heather from the Layin'  Ladies in central California. What started out as a flock of 4 is now 13! Chicken math is REAL! She loves her family, chickens and Disney.  She’s hilarious, beautiful, and very knowledgeable! 


“I try not to take life too seriously because who's got time for that!” - Heather 


We discuss:

1. How to keep your chickens cool on the hottest days.

2. Basic tips on helping keep your flock healthy and happy!

3. Strategies for new chicken keepers.

4. What her family thinks of her “crazy chicken lady” vibes.

5. How Grubblies from https://www.grubblyfarms.com brings all the chickens to the yard! 

The best resources and how to implement them into your own flock. 

And so much more! We had a blast!

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Heather  I'm not gonna lie I thought your account might have been hacked. No, no, no. And then I immediately felt like I was literally texting or messaging people on Instagram. I wanted my friend. I was like

Heather 0:26  

do a chicken podcast with Wilma The Wonder Hen

Mel 0:33  

and I will say that you're probably I picked you or asked you because one I think your humor is just hilarious. You're very witty and it's kind of right up our alley way here on Wilma The Wonder Hens podcast and I'm gonna be telling my husband that because he tends to like roll his eyes at me and I go for a high five I'm a joke. And he leaves me hanging. So the thing around here at my house is high five me you as you should get a metal you should wear a shirt that just says that you are the Queen of wittiness because it's it's quite funny.

Mel  1:11  

But we are very excited that you are here. Today's guest is Heather. She is out of California. I've had a rough it was rough yesterday. I'm sorry about Loretta. Um, I almost didn't get out of bed this morning. I know that sounds overdramatic though it is I have dogs I have you know I have a life like everyone else but it almost just wanted to shut it all down to shut it down. Yeah, because you protect them all that you can from bears and raccoons. I live in the woods I mean in the woods, so bears raccoons me Bobcat, the stray dog up the road. Who What? I've never had a snake come into a coop and kill one of my chickens. And we've been and what's it like? Was it still around? When did you find it? Yeah, it was slithering out. It chose her and it tried to eat her but it regurgitated her because she has a banner but she's you know, she's pretty fluffy girl. And it just literally broke my heart. I was so mad. I was mad at myself because I let How could I let this happen kind of thing but I think we all think that way on you've ever had that problem, you know? So no, I mean, obviously we have snakes. We live like in the woods. So snakes are always have always been here but none have ever ever, ever killed a chicken ever. Nothing. But anyways, I thank you and I think all of our listeners because they have just flooded us within. I know they do that because they can relate because they have been there too. You know they have lost. We all have lost even the smallest of chicken will break your heart. So yep. Today's guest is Heather and she is out of California. She started off with four chickens. Is that right? Yep. And then now you have 13

Unknown Speaker  3:11  

I don't quite know how that happened. But yes, we know how that happened. shake him out for the win.

Unknown Speaker  3:17  

For The Win. Whoo. But we are so glad you're here. I see that you are. You are a Disney fan. Is that correct? Yes. And Heather loves her family and her chickens and Disney.

Mel  3:32  

So what is your favorite character? Before we get all this started? What is your favorite character? with Disney or a movie or whatever? I'm like, if I'm going to go play favorite princess character, it's going to have to be Merida from Brave. Oh, I would have never you don't hear people say that. No. And she's so underrated but to me, I mean it's not about her like, you know trying to get the man or whatever like the whole point is for is like about her and her mom and she shouldn't for her own hand. So I just love her. Yes, I agree. She is underrated. She is amazing. So we would like for you to tell us a little backstory. One on One who is head there. What is she all about? Did she grow up on a farm? Any of those things that you want to share with us? We would love to hear? Yes. Well I am I'm the country girl grew up on 20 acres out here in Central California. I know people are thinking that there's farms in California. It's true. We're not just beaches in Hollywood. The central California Valley is huge on ag so 20 acres up there and then wound up marrying a city boy, he tried he tried like he tried farm live in

Unknown Speaker  4:47  

for a year bless him,

Unknown Speaker  4:50  

only to discover he's allergic to like the corn silk. And when it tassels and we're talking like face swelling.

Heather 4:59  

Wow, I can't breathe. And of course that year, Corn was huge and we surrounded it so lonely. Why don't you move into the city? And, and, you know, then we want to have kids and it got to a point where I was like, you know, I'd love for them to have some of the experiences I had growing up. You know, I had chickens and sheep for a while and goats and a random fact is my family ran a commercial rabbitry for about 15 years. Oh my goodness, I'm gonna have to stop you and you can continue on. I would have never guessed that you were a certified Country Girl. There's nothing wrong with cities. I'm from a city. I grew up in a big city in Florida. Country life wasn't for me until like 15 years ago, but I would have never guessed that a lot. A lot like my coworkers. Yeah, a lot of my co-workers and stuff just, you know, after living here for so long. They're like when you say like a farmer, and I'll show him pictures. And it's like, a farm. And then at every job I've had here, I've then become the bug killer spider. squisher. Like I've caught lizards in a doctor's office. One snuck in catching frogs, you know? Yeah, that's become me at pretty much every job. I've

Mel 6:22  

you're the muscle behind all that. Pretty much. Yeah. And even my husband and we had at one time there was a bird that had, you know, fallen out of a palm tree and it died. And he's out in the yard. And he's like, oh, there's a dead bird. And I was like, okay, the shovels. Right, there he goes, That's nice. And I'm like, seriously, because like, that's why I'm married to you. Oh, my goodness. That's hilarious. That's me. So I decided not to. Okay, so we're gonna, I'm going to be able to bring some of this in. And I asked my husband about three years ago for chickens. And it was flat out NO. He was like, you're the only one that eats eggs. They're gonna be stinky. And like with my husband, normally, like the thing around here is if he doesn't say no, so lack of no is a passive? Yes. Yes. That's correct. Yes. So when it's like a flat out? No, I'm like, Okay, okay, like, I won't push it. then fast forward to the pandemic. And my kids are starting to eat eggs, more loving scrambled eggs, French toast egg in the nest. And we could not find eggs. If we could find eggs. They were like, going up to like, seven, eight bucks a carton? Crazy. So I kind of like, parlayed that into my speech for why we should get chicken.

Unknown Speaker  7:32  

Yes, that's a very, a lot of people started that way. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  7:36  

yeah. And um, you know, I think it helps you know, I'd had chickens before in the past. So you know what I did as I ordered three. And then I clicked the little meal maker box from the hatchery.

Unknown Speaker  7:49  

I knew what it meant, but I just hold on. I was like, I thought they were just given meals for chicken no you did'nt

Unknown Speaker  7:57  

It's called a meal maker.

Unknown Speaker  8:00  

So I played Dumb and I was like,

Unknown Speaker  8:03  


Unknown Speaker  8:04  

don't know how there's four in the box. Like that's how we started with four. And then, you know, we actually made it a huge learning opportunity for the kids, they helped me, like build the coop, that's how they learned they learned to you know, hammer nail, drill a screw convert inches to feet, you know, we made that part of it. That's wonderful. And, now I find my husband, anyone talks to him about chickens. Oh, there's chickens. Like, I roll inside. And then I come home, and he's in the back with like bread or grubs or tree. And those ladies will ditch me. Like, I'm the nerd on the school grand Junior High again and go running to him. The little traders.

Unknown Speaker  8:53  

That's great, though, I think a lot of men are that way. Well, I don't want to put anybody in a box. But a lot of our guests have said the same things. That, you know, the husband was like, No, I don't want that is disgusting, and all that stuff. But they ended up being the ones that that they catch outside when no one's around. You know, giving them all their treats and stuff.

Unknown Speaker  9:16  

Yeah. So I've actually snuck a couple pictures of my husband to show us proof.

Unknown Speaker  9:21  

Oh, you got Oh, yeah. What did your kids think? What? You know, do they have chores? Do they help with the chores?

Unknown Speaker  9:29  

You know, Mike, of course my kids loved them, you know, the little fluffy balls of cute when they first come in and even now, you know, they love it. You know, they'll be out on the trampoline. They asked if they can let the chickens out and, you know, let them Peck around and stuff like that. And they're, I mean, they're seven and nine so they're not like you know, they're like mucking out the coops yet but, you know, anytime I've worked outside or if I'm planting like they love to work in the garden with me dig up potatoes, you know, they know how to quote like, tuck in the plants. We call it tucking them into bed where you know

Unknown Speaker  10:00  

The roots and stuff. So yeah, they're out there doing all that stuff when it's not, you know, 115. Now, do you technically live in the city? Because I said, I know you said you're 13 that's usually way above the average of what someone in the city could have. Yeah, so to be fair,

Unknown Speaker  10:19  

I got a big backyard. But I cut before I started any of this, you know, I called zoning, I called code enforcement. I got information from a code enforcement officer. So I just, you know, I kind of went with the majority of zoning . The guy talked to his owner, he's like, I, you know, I don't know of any problems. I just probably don't have a rooster. He's like, but nothing on my end. And I was like, Okay. And he's like, Well, you know, check with code enforcement and the girl in the office. She's like, I don't think so. Like I know. Roosters aren't allowed, but I don't think chickens. So then I had a friend who knew a code enforcement officer. So I was like, Can you just text her and like, find out so she said, Do chickens are allowed they've got to be so far back from the street. But no one ever like said. Ah, oh, wow, that could be dangerous. And so thankfully, you know, my neighbors, they don't really care. I don't have them, they're not all laying yet. So I don't have a whole bunch of egg phones going off

Unknown Speaker  11:21  

yet. So going back to the four to 30. So how did that happen? Did they multiply? I mean, did you add water? Did you and I didn't

Unknown Speaker  11:35  

I blame all my Instagram, friends and family all around the world. You know comes from I mean, you see you watch these amazing breeds of chickens go from like, you know, chicks to the awkward teenage years to either like gorgeous feathers or gorgeous pictures of eggs and my chicken bucket list just yeah, you know, and I was planning I've got a property I've got an acre and a half up towards the foothills and I have a nice coop up there. I you know, they all have such unique personalities like I didn't want to risk losing any of them to you know, yeah, you know, nature so so far. I mean, I've got it up there if I need to, but I just love them here. So what are their names and what kind do you have? Did you pick these for a specific reason the breeds or was it random? No. So that like the original four I ordered three I went with Orpingtons. So I did a lot of research you know on ones that were you know, as like sturdy breed so I didn't have to worry about them up and fly off. And one of the ones that were you know, obviously social good with family so I wound up with Orpington. So I ordered three blue splash black and lavender. And then my meal maker. My fried chicken food was a golden buck. Oh, yes. So I mean those girls, I mean, I think I'll always have a special place for orpingtons I mean, they're just beautiful favorite. Yeah, and

Unknown Speaker  13:02  

oh, and just so fluffy. And you know my blue splash Daisy. My husband calls her big d

Unknown Speaker  13:09  


Unknown Speaker  13:10  

They are big though. Wilma carries like saddlebags she stuffed children up in there. No one would No,

Unknown Speaker  13:19  

no, no, she would be the you know the mom on the airport like checking the little bottles of free whiskey

Unknown Speaker  13:25  

or everywhere in the movies and you put everything in a gigantic purse or Yeah, yeah. Hey guys, back to your story. Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean

Unknown Speaker  13:36  

So um, you know, had them for about a year. Unfortunately, I had to rehome my lavender Orpington and Rosie. She was my sweetheart but for some reason she was so passive. The other three were just, I mean, I have a collection of pictures. I mean, they were relentless with her. Oh, that's, um, and we tried everything. I tried separating her. I tried separating them, you know? Yeah. But she, um, she was Gosh, probably like nine months and she still wasn't laying. I mean, she was so stressed. Poor bad. Yeah. So it turns out I had an Instagram friend who knew of someone that had been really looking for lavender Orpington. So we actually did a nighttime chicken swap at a parking lot.

Unknown Speaker  14:24  


Unknown Speaker  14:25  

so it's literally like eight o'clock at night in the middle of winter. And I'm sitting there with like, my little chicken on my lap. And security's driving by and I'm just like, yeah, just chickens. So then, you know, of course I you know, I had my chicken bucket list. So you know, come spring when Meijer released their beautiful catalog of chicks. Yeah, I just kind of started and I always want to do a speckled Sussex that was a big one on my list. I wanted to you know, everyone always puts those gorgeous egg rainbows. So I had to get some color. in there, I love a good speckled eggs. So there was a well, summer so I just had every, every reason it's I'm just like checking off boxes and like, this is fine.

Unknown Speaker  15:10  

It's fine, it's all fine. Oh my god, do you have something that you can share with us that from the beginning to the end, or where you are right now something that maybe you would have done differently when you started?

Unknown Speaker  15:26  

I don't think so, you know, I was I was kind of thinking about that, but I liked the transition, you know, started with something smaller, I'm really got to learn my original ladies personalities. And, um, you know, I had the chance to really like kind of, like, when you're planting the garden, you know, I got to look at the, the space I had for them and what I had, you know, as far as like, land wise and run, right, run wise, if I can get that out. Um, and then, you know, by the time it came around, you know, I felt you know, that we were able to kind of make that jump into adding, you know, some more ladies into the flock, my kids were older and more experienced. So they were able to help my husband and I actually sleep in separate rooms we have for about 10 years now. So I was able to bring the babies with me in my room. So, you know, I think I think for me, it was good it was we started off smaller, and then was kind of able to just build from there.

Unknown Speaker  16:25  

What advice would you give to someone who has never owned checks, or never had any experience with chickens, but they see that, you know, that's something they want to incorporate, or maybe give their family experience? What could be some basic things that you would give or even for a seasoned chicken keeper, you know, just some basic advice.

Unknown Speaker  16:48  

You know, I think anytime you're looking into adding any sort of animal, either a new pet or a new breed of animal, you know, do your research. You know, I know the chicks that Tractor Supply, or the local feed store are super cute when you walk by. But really try and just make sure that you're informed that you know what kind of a breed is going to be the best fit for you and what your goal is. And again, just make sure that you also know your area, you know, I live in the city, there's occasionally a possum, but I don't have, you know, I don't have a bobcat issue or a coyote issue. You know, so how I built my run is obviously going to be way different than someone that's got, like you like up in up in the hills or whatever, that's got extensive, you know, predator issues. So it's just making sure that you've got a good hold on what you're doing before. Before you get started. And to you want to know, you know, depending on where you're at what breeds might be cold hardy, or in my case heat Hardy, we don't get snow here.

Unknown Speaker  17:54  

We're lucky if we get rain

Unknown Speaker  17:56  

paper, one of the best tips that that you just gave is absolutely probably my number one is make sure you're checking your own environment, not they're not living in your area. So yes, very good tip. I'm sorry, continue on.

Unknown Speaker  18:12  

Oh, no. And it's you know, and just just kind of building on that, you know, and 10 chickens, we all know we tend to normally handle cold environments better. Right, you know, but here are you know, I wanted to find a breed that you know, breeds that were maybe you know, cold and tea party we don't really have cold here like you know what they might have in Maine or the East Coast with, you know, a lot of snow. I don't have to worry about my chicken's combs getting frostbite. Right. See, right? You are so smart. You're so smart. But here in you know, in California, it's you know, people ask me, especially when, you know, the Pacific Northwest, they just had that huge heatwave that was unprecedented, you know, and I had people reaching out because they were like, how do you handle this kind of heat, you know, and for us, it's you know, my big thing is, you know, make sure like put some electrolytes in the water to replenish them. You know, frozen treats, obviously, um, you know, I like to give my ladies I call them cool bricks, but I take an old big casserole dish and I fill it with ice, and then I'll put like a shallow plate or even like a small brick right in the middle because that way if it's too cold on their feet, my two hands my ladies love to like squat and lay on the cool plate without it being too cold for them.

Unknown Speaker  19:26  

That's another very good tip that was going to be my next question is what tips did you have for summer because right now everybody is really feeling the stress. And I know some have even gone as far as bringing them inside. Because the heat is just something they are not used to because of the change in weather right now. Even if you live in an area that does not record High temps. Normally, right now people are feeling those. That heatwave is kind

Unknown Speaker  19:59  

scary. Yeah, And what's I mean, again here, like you're saying you heats an issue, we don't really have humidity here, then you have to look at the other states that the humidity is going to be a huge issue. So that's just all part of when you're looking at, you know, setting up your Cooper ventilation or, you know, whatnot, because every, every area and zones gonna have different things that you need to be prepped for. And what resources would you give someone where they could go and find, I find that in your local area, like your local extension offices, they may be able to help but what other resources tangible resources have you used in the past that we could maybe share with our listeners, honestly, I'm gonna say Instagram, I have learned so much. In the past year, since just making my page I only I've never had an Instagram really before I made it just so I could track the growth of my ladies every week and be able to kind of look back. But the information and the advice that I've got from people all over the world, you know, because again, they might have different tips and techniques in Europe than we've thought to do here. Right. I appreciate that so much. We've discussed this on a previous episode, where it was a generational suggestions or ideas, you know, that maybe your grandma did with her chickens, you know, 80 years ago, that doesn't mean it was right that she did it, she may have done it that way, because she didn't have any other choice, or any other knowledge. But when we communicate with people that are from all over the world, and you hear things that you might have never thought of, and they are good, they are good tips. So yes, I absolutely agree with that. And, and I mean, for me, I've made some of the most amazing friendships here on Instagram, and it it made 2020 feel so much less lonely and isolating, just to be able just, you know, when you're stuck at home, and to be able to like, you know, send somebody a message out in, you know, North Carolina, or Florida or England or Wales, you know, and it's, it connected me in a way that I really wasn't expecting, and it was all because of chickens. Yes, absolutely love that you brought that up, the chicken community is pretty amazing. I think we're all open to suggestions and to offer advice, you know, in a friendly way. Because I always say it's your flock, you know, beyond basic chicken care, it's really up to you how you interact with your your flock, it's your flock, so those little nuances or you no special things we like to do? That doesn't mean everyone has to do them. Right? Yeah, that's a very good point. Yeah, and you're too good at this, you don't ran through everything. Okay, is, before we move on? Is there something that you would like to share with our listeners, something that you feel is value? That would be something of value for our listeners? Um, you know, I think it might be kind of random, but I don't know if anyone else has had this problem. But I'm noticing like, whenever I go to look for something, like chickens specific, you know, whether it's, you know, I need fencing, or I want to work on a different coop or whatnot, chicken stuff is so expensive. And my thing is, it's just because it's labeled chicken. So I literally,

Unknown Speaker  23:31  

I, you know, I would go and look to try and find like a small coop or brooder or whatnot. And all of a sudden, like I would come across like a couple of my things are like dog houses that I would modify with little I want to call country ingenuity, because it was so much more affordable to go like that route and my brooders were just big old garden buckets. I love that you brought that up because you are so dang good at this. You're so smart. Absolutely be. And that's another thing is that when you go to look when you want, we make chicken. We don't want to make chicken keeping so elite that your average person can't. It feels turned off like they're not good enough or making money or whatever may as well go and buy a $5 carton of eggs. Yes. So you can take whatever you have. And we've mentioned this before you want it to be safe, of course and there are guidelines for chicken keeping in raising chicks. And you can find a lot of that on the poultry websites, the actual you know, veterinarian websites, there are some and I can link those in the show notes for people. But yeah, you don't have to have all that expensive stuff. I think everyone should have at least you know if they desire three or four laying hens to enjoy, not just for you know, caring for

Unknown Speaker  25:00  

But of course a little bit of sustainability for your family. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  25:04  

I like my kids. We got them a really cute wooden Play House that we were going to put together well. My kids went through a growth spurt last year. So by the time I actually put this thing together, they couldn't even stand up straight in this thing. And so I'm looking at it and I'm like, I wanted to expand the coop anyways, I've got more ladies coming. So I'm gonna need a bigger roost area coop area. So we completely modified it, you know, we took chicken wire and covered the, you know, the windows of the Playhouse and I, you know, got a plank and I secured it up there. I took some long poles that I had found, drilled man beside so we took the kids Playhouse and made it into a coupe. And then the kids got to paint it. So they made it a barn theme. So it's red and green. And they made flowers out of their handprints. Oh, but, you know, it was a lot more affordable than going out and looking at some, you know, $500 chicken coop when we could just take a little kids Playhouse and make some tweaks and we made it work.

Unknown Speaker  26:10  

Absolutely agree. You see some of the most beautiful, the most amazing chicken coops on Instagram and you're just like, yeah, that's, that doesn't have to be that way. I mean, chicken goals. I mean, I love Oh, yeah, they're gorgeous. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  26:28  

I mean, yeah, like you said, Yeah, and there's some places there's some accounts where I'm like, Can I just go live in your chicken coop? Like it can be done?

Unknown Speaker  26:36  

I wonder how long it stays clean? Or if they have cleaners? Like people come in and spray the walls and everything like every day. I know. I'm very meticulous, but I mean, my chicken inside of my chicken coop. Looks like a chicken at some point live there. So which, you know, yeah. Where do you see your flock going from here from this little meager? 13 you want to grow? No, no,

Unknown Speaker  27:05  

I mean, now I'm gonna I'm gonna say no. I think we've got a good balance of you know, colors and feathers and eggs in Yeah, all that kind of stuff. But you know, like, like we said at the beginning chicken math man. Like people stop have to stop posting. Like little pumpkin. Looking at that little cute and I'm like, I look a little Polly Pocket and I just want to is

Unknown Speaker  27:35  

a Polly Pocket. I have 13 of them just like her except she's probably the littlest she's a little Joe. Yeah, he's the same breed is Miss pumpkin is

Unknown Speaker  27:50  

so again like I see that. But I'm like, No, I'm I'm good. I want to make a promise that I might not be able to keep it. My flock will be good for a while and save them. And hopefully they'll start leaving soon. I've got one I'm waiting for my first colored egg. Miss Martini. She's She's doing the squat and she's been exiling and squatting for like five days. She's getting ready, Mama. Ready, and I am out there literally creeping on the coop.

Unknown Speaker  28:21  

Oh, isn't that the most exciting thing? It's crazy what

Unknown Speaker  28:24  

it is and the heats not helping. You know, we hit we've been between 110 and 114 here for the past like three to four days. So I'm sure that's Yeah, yeah, that is not helping. But I'm so close.

Unknown Speaker  28:41  

She's probably like, leave me alone. Crazy chicken lady. She's like, Oh, am I ready yet? Yeah, but but she's she's got the squat so I'm like, Yeah, she's getting there. Do you have any general tips that you can share like three top three top tips that you could share for just keeping your chickens healthy and strong.

Unknown Speaker  29:05  

Doesn't have to be heat related or anything just like

Unknown Speaker  29:09  

you know, I would make sure I think one thing that people often forget out in this pie like my main thing is give them a healthy diet. People A lot of people don't realize chickens are omnivores. So it's not just you know crumble You know, they're not vegetarians like people I've had people that were just amazed that you know, they're my chickens are eating grubs, or they can take back in their own egg shells as a source of calcium. You know, so I you know, I mean anything they do you if you die, yeah, hands down. Like as soon as soon as like I started to decompose and like any like maggots or grubs turned out like not to be gross. We came over like they're like rip mom. Yeah, yeah, that's true. So I just I just make sure you know, I like to make sure I have a good healthy Obviously like scratch your chicken food forum, I keep treats in moderation you know again that they they've got their five pounds love taco grub shout out to Grizzly five who they literally now like I had posted one of them jumped on the lead as I'm carrying the love tub, my little Cosmo. And I'm like a little, like a little sticker like getting on. But you know, like, as I'm, I had, you know, some cucumbers for a snack this morning, took the ends just tossed him right in there and nice, healthy cool snack form, you know, frozen watermelon, you know, to keep them cool in the summertime. So, yeah, I mean, I've seen people that have given me know, like an old little leftover slice of pizza. You know, don't do it a lot. But you know, they can take in a lot more than what most people think they can and a good diet, it's going to be reflected in their feathers in their shells in their yolks. You know, I had thought one of my chickens had gone nuclear last fall, because I cracked open an egg and this neon, deep orange Yo, wow, came out by design. I've given them a pumpkin. Yeah. And obviously turned their yolks like this deep, gorgeous color. But at first I'm like, my chickens radioactive.

Unknown Speaker  31:34  

But you know that is true because chickens eat chickens. They need a basic diet. And like you said, they don't need any more than five or 10% of their nutritional calories from snacks. But they can eat. They eat the craziest things. And I think a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and protein protein. Yeah, they benefit from all of that.

Unknown Speaker  31:59  

And I think that's just you know, a lot of people just you know, they kind of just go by what they see on TV. Oh, I like your chick chick and you just toss out some crumbles or whatnot. But yeah, and people have seen the chicken be domesticated for so long that they don't realize, yeah, out in the wild. They're eating bugs and grasshoppers in. I mean, all sorts of stuff. And to me, I think the chicken is just so amazing. Like, it's it to me, it's like one of the most eco friendly. Yeah, animals because, you know, obviously you get eggs, and then you can feed them back their own shells. And clearly what you put in comes out the back end which goes in your garden. Right? Yeah, I mean,

Unknown Speaker  32:39  

I know what I mean, I understand the concept of feeding the nutritious diet like the feed. And I think that some people may go overboard and you have to also be mindful of obesity in you know, laying hands because that can cause so many different illnesses. So you just have to be careful, you know, feed them their good nutritional diet and throw in some good you know, scraps.

Unknown Speaker  33:06  

Yeah, and let him let him do some ranging if you can't, I mean, I know not everybody can free free range. But you know, hey, Lord, Lord knows I need more exercise. So you know, the chickens do too, you know, to keep them healthy and active and scratching and foraging and hate free air rating for your garden.

Unknown Speaker  33:26  

Yeah, we're a big fan of free range here. We do get a little bit of flack for that I've free range probably the last 10 years. So I don't free feed, I feed them enough in the morning that they will eat in 15 minutes. And I feed them enough that they will eat you know in the evening and 15 minutes with their snacks. But the rest of it I allow them to forage the younger ones or the ones on the lower end of the pecking order if they if they still seem hungry at night you know I'll give them a little bit but

Unknown Speaker  34:01  

typically they won't eat they won't like overstuff themselves, you know, like they'll when they're done. They'll stop

Unknown Speaker  34:07  

right in it it is keeps and helps here with waste and some other things but that's just how I do it. I free range. And if you look at any of my chickens, they are quite healthy. And but I mean we don't suggest everyone do that. But you are correct. They need to be out. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  34:27  

and I can't you know I'm in the city. So clearly quote unquote free range for me is gonna look a lot different. Right, but right, I like to make sure you know, yeah, I go sit out and have my coffee and just let them out in the yard and let them take care of any you know, bugs in get some food and don't steal my coffee.

Unknown Speaker  34:46  

Oh yeah, my pumpkin loves to take my coffee. So disgusting though. She she jumps her whole face into it. And then she kind of like shakes her head and I'm like, see it's you don't Want to drink this and then she'll do it again and then I have to dump the whole cup of coffee because it's so good

Unknown Speaker  35:07  

I don't see. I see some like I just thought grumbly supposed to like awesome little video of like putting some grubs on watermelon these little chickens they look so polite

Unknown Speaker  35:17  

you know they're taking these

Unknown Speaker  35:19  

little Miley I don't know minor beak deep. You know they're not pretty about it and especially my ones with beards and musts, you know, little Cosmo or my Easter Eggers. They look rough. No. They look like little bites the End of lesson. They love it. They tore up from the floor. Yeah. And then of course, they would like kasi would love love. She's very social. And so she'll going to be covered in watermelon juice. And then she wants to hop on my lap and use my leg. Again.

Unknown Speaker  35:57  

Ladies are so polite. She's cute. Is there anything else that you'd like to add? Before I ask you our last round of questions? Is there anything we didn't go over? We can add any of that in. We This is your episode. I want you to terrifying By the way, I want you to feel like you know, you got to say everything that you wanted to say. You know, I think so I don't. I usually don't don't talk my heart. Everything you said is wonderful. Everything you said is like,

Unknown Speaker  36:35  

Oh, I know how people get to talk about chickens with like people. I'll start talking chickens and they just get this like glazed over like, huh, yeah. Like no, like chickens are awesome. They know, I know what they're missing. They don't. And then of course, like I'm pulling out my phone. I'm like, have you seen this picture of what my chicken bed and they're like, do you have any pictures of your kids and I'm like, scroll, scroll. Scroll. Here we go.

Unknown Speaker  37:01  

I was just gonna say that, um, I had to go on my phone last night. And I had to I was finding pictures of Miss Loretta, I was going to put together a little video but and my phone alerted me that I had like 4700 and something pictures. And I was scrolling through I was like, wow, what are all these pictures? You know? cuz sometimes you take pictures and you kind of forget. And they are I'd say the 90% of them aren't my chickens. And it's kind of embarrassing. Yeah, I hear I hear that. Okay, so we're at the end here. And I'm going to ask you three random questions. If you don't want to answer them, you can just shoot me the bird and we'll move on. Or you can I answer them? It's really up to you. But Oh, okay. Right. If you could put anything on a billboard, what would it be and why? That is a good one.

Unknown Speaker  37:56  

Um, you know, honestly, I know I talked about the chicken a lot, I would probably put up a big picture of cosmopolitan mellow Cozumel blue Americana, this bird, this chicken, to me, she is just like a constant awkward moment. If ever I am stressed, or I was like, I just think people need more coffee in their lives. Like you just don't take it so seriously. You know, or when you're stressed, like just I would just put up a big billboard of one of her most awkward pictures that I whenever people would like drive by. It's either going to make him laugh, or it's going to make him take notice get off whatever they were thinking about. But it would just probably be a pig, like a big awkward chicken picture

Unknown Speaker  38:35  

is chicken therapy. I love that. Okay, who has inspired you the most in your life? And why? Oh, it's getting I'm probably gonna be cliche part of my parents. Um, you know, I was an only child out in the farm. So, you know, just seeing, you know, my dad was still working full time running the farm. And then we had the rabbits and then my grandparents lived on the property and my mom was taking care of them. So I mean, they just instilled the, you know, the work ethic. And while I didn't appreciate, certainly didn't appreciate waking up in the mornings to go and feed the rabbits because as my dad was yelling at me, they aren't going to feed themselves. You know, didn't appreciate that too much. But I do now. Kids on the farm have heard so many things. We and everyone's like, oh, you're an only child and you've been like so spoiled. No, I didn't have anyone to share chores with. That's right. There was no other me out in the country is way different. It's all you. Yes, that's so sad.

Unknown Speaker  39:45  

But you're right, though it teaches us so much about hard work and determination and ingenuity, to come up with ideas on how to write things. That's how my husband was raised and he is really rubbed off on me. So When he starts when I have a thing that's on my own, I have to figure out because he works a lot and like, Okay, what would hillbilly Rob do? What would hillbilly engineer Rob do? He's really awesome. I love that. But I call him hillbilly Rob but what would he do? Okay, our last and final question is what is your favorite song and why? Oh, these are all like personality questions, so we kind of get to know you a little bit.