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EP 19 The Loss Of A Beloved Pet. Fly Free Sis

August 02, 2021 Melissa Season 1 Episode 19
Wilma The Wonder Hen Podcast
EP 19 The Loss Of A Beloved Pet. Fly Free Sis
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Today's episode is dedicated to my old dog, Lace. We had to let Lace go yesterday. After a long battle with an illness. Lace was a 14 year old Treeing Walker Coonhoud that we loved dearly. 

We discuss;
1. Water belly in Poultry.
2. The death of a Mama Hen, Loretta.
3. 10 point chicken checkup.
4. Mr. Jangles vet visit.
5. Dealing with loss.

We appreciate  each of you, God Bless.


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Hey y’all, I’m Mel, and thanks for listening in to Wilma The Wonder Hen podcast. This isn’t the episode I’d already edited and planned to upload this week. 

This episode is dedicated to my old dog, Lace. Lace was a 14-year-old Treeing Walker coonhound. She’s been sick for many years and on Monday, I had to say goodbye. My heart is broken, and it’s hard to be happy when it’s not a reality. Yes, I’m grateful for all the years we’ve had, but the loss is still great. This episode is for all those suffering the loss of a beloved pet. Know we see you and feel your pain. May God comfort you and bring you a little peace, and we send hugs. 

The entire month of July brought a whirlwind of insanity. I was praying August would be a little less chaotic. But we’re not off to a good start. 

 My stove caught on fire, the pipes in my upstairs burst and flooded my downstairs, and my dish a washer flooded. These are minor things, but still a cause for stress. 

Miss Cocoa, my oldest remaining flock member, wasn’t feeling well. She was eating and drinking. But slower when out free ranging. I checked her over well. And gave her a ten point check up!


Lice and mites.




Look inside her mouth (looking for sores, spots, etc)


Nasal draining






The only two things I notice was a dirty butt, and she was moving slower than normal. Dirty butt feathers aren’t uncommon during the summer months. She’s a big bottom girl, and the heat has caused and increased in fluid uptake. So loose stools are not something that would cause any alarm, at that point. I gave her a good soak and separated her from the flock. My first thought after examining her was maybe it was vent gleet . But upon further inspection, I notice a very swollen belly. I immediately knew it was something more advance. 


Ascites in Poultry or often called water belly, is a build up of fluid within the abdomen. Basically, The liver dumps fluid into the abdomen. This can happen for many reasons.  Heart failure, fatty liver syndrome, tumors, environmental, and ultimately just genetics. There’s no cure. Yes, you can drain it or have your vet drain it. But it will return. I’ve chosen not to drain her at this point. She’s still active, but slower. I’ve returned her to the flock, temporarily. She was miserably away from them. Cocoa has raised many of chicks here on the Heifer Farm. She’s one of a kind. Loving them is the easy part, letting them go is torture. 


This isn’t contagious to the rest of the flock. Cocoa is 7 years old and has lead a very active life. My flock is mainly free ranged and have nearly 7 acres to roam. At this point I’m going to allow her to be happy with her flock. I’ve spoken with her vet and I feel this is what’s best for Cocoa.  Mr. Jangles had a veterinarian visit, and we lost Mama Loretta to a rat snake. 


I’ll see you next week with a regular episode. We appreciate all the messages, prayers, and well wishes. Till next time. Bye bye y’all.